Ongoing Support

Operational Support Paving the way for growth

As a Hairhouse Warehouse Franchisee you will receive initial support and ongoing operational support for yourself and your team to ensure continual growth.  We have a team of Business Managers that support your business holistically in its development.

Business Managers

You will receive monthly visits from your Business Manager where they will guide you in how to operate a success Hairhouse Warehouse business.  Your monthly visits are conducted on a needs basis and in line with our 7 Pillars of Success System.  Your Business Manager will be there for you in the initial process of opening your business and ongoing for the education of yourself and your team.

They will assist  in:
  • Local Area Marketing - Your Regional Operational Manager will support you in developing a tailored local area marketing plan which ensures that you will be able to maximize your stores market share
  • World Class Customer Service Standards – By using our leading Customer Service Programs, you and your team can deliver exceptional service to clients ensuring repeat customers that will help to grow your business.
  • Sales Forecasting and Sales Reviews – Your Regional Operational Managers will help you review your previous year’s sales, and coach you along the way to reviewing your sales at the beginning of each financial year.  Your Regional Operational Manager will work with you to develop a strategy for sales that will combine with our Service Programs to bring profit and growth to your business.
  • Salon Development – Your Regional Operational Manager will conduct ongoing observation of your stylists and reviews of the top Salon KPI’s, giving you strategies for increasing your client’s experience and improving salon profitability.  Our Regional Operations Managers have extensive experience in business ownership and have several years of experience in the Salon Industry and dealing with Stylists, so if you are not a stylist or have a hairdressing background your Regional Operations Manager will provide you the insights to the salon industry that you will help you get ahead.
  • Profit and Loss Analysis – Your Regional Operations Manager will coach you to identify areas of focus in order to maximise profit.
  • Periodic Visits – You will receive periodic visits where we look at your store holistically and we are able to discuss any areas of improvement and identify how your Regional Operations Manager can tailor support you better.
  • Territory Meetings – Your Regional Operations Manager will conduct a Territory Meeting a minimum of twice a year. In these meetings we will ensure a facilitated conversation between all franchisees in the same state around subjects that are relevant to the ongoing growth of your business.


“My Business Manager has been paramount to the success of our store. He is my business coach and my right hand man who I regularly bounce ideas off and seek guidance with a range of issues, from HR, suppliers, stock, through to sales. He is my number one point of contact at Hairhouse Warehouse. I am so glad that he is there to support me every day and be there every step of my journey.”

Betty Vella, Burwood Franchisee