Our Products & Ranges

Hairhouse Warehouse is Australia's largest National Stockist of World leading brands in the Hair and Beauty industry.

The hair and beauty market is broken into to two main market streams, mass market and professional market. Mass market brands can typically be found in retailers such as supermarkets and general health retailers such as pharmacies. Professional market brands on the other hand are products designed and formulated for the professional market, such as hairdressing salons. Hairhouse Warehouse only retails professional market brands, which is why the quality of the products sold at Hairhouse Warehouse are of a far high standard than typically found in many retailers of hair and beauty retailers.

As a result, this has allowed Hairhouse Warehouse to be the go to retailer for professional hair and beauty products, and has allowed the brand to expand across Australia to ensure that all markets in Australia are able to access professional range product.

 With over 140 stores, this allows the brand to achieve significant buying power, which translates into very strong margins for our franchisees. In fact, we have some of the strongest margins in the industry.

As well as this, we stock a huge range world class brands that are exclusive to Hairhouse Warehouse, meaning that a customer can only buy these products from Hairhouse Warehouse. This allows us to be able to claim a certain level of customer loyalty as they will not be able to buy these brands any where else. Add to this some of the bulk buying deals that we do to ensure we are value leaders in the market place, means that our stores become a retail destination for hair and beauty products.



“The range of products that we stock and the great margins we get as a result of the work done by Hairhouse Warehouse is unbelievable. There is a real focus in this brand to ensure that franchisees get the best result they can get.”

Doug Fogg, Midland Gate Franchisee