Award Winning Marketing

Marketing that provides the competitive edge

As a Hairhouse Warehouse franchisee, you will have access to the equivalent of, a full service marketing, strategy and advertising agency in-house.  We have secured the best and brightest marketing and advertising minds to develop campaigns for the brand nationally, as well as for individual franchisees locally.

Hairhouse Warehouse has invested heavily in developing a world-class team, and with the addition of an in-house creative agency, our ability to generate social media, exclusive brands, and compelling campaigns is the best in the industry.

Our marketing mix is comprehensive, and covers each of our franchisee markets around the country, through mass media.


With a dedicated Local Area Marketing division, we can tailor responsive marketing projects for all our franchisees in a matter of days. This means that all design work for any marketing and promotion is done in-house and consistent with Hairhouse Warehouse branding. As well as this, it allows the brand to collate the best and most effective marketing ideas and share them across the entire network.

By having this expertise so accessible to everyone with the brand, it allows us to react and go to market faster than any other competitor.


What I love about Hairhouse Warehouse is that as a brand we continue to evolve and remain ever relevant to our customers’ needs.” 


Lube Markovski Wollongong Franchisee